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The Story of The Boyer Valley Company

Since 1975, Boyer Valley Company has been in the business of collecting and distributing 100 percent poultry byproducts, including Feather Meal, Poultry Byproduct Meal, Blood Meal and Pure Poultry Fat. By rendering these byproducts into finished commodity products, we are able to service the pet food and animal feed applications with high-quality protein and the fertilizer industry with organic, high-nitrogen fertilizer.

Being owned by the Lauridsen Group (LGI) of companies, which includes APC, Proliant, Essentia, Entera Health and BHJ, our roots are in family owned and operated ventures. It all began with the entrepreneurial spirit of Hans Lauridsen when he immigrated to the United States from Denmark to begin a successful creamery business.

Later joined and then led by his son Wally, the company expanded into the meat business and then meat-related proteins. Wally and his son, Nix (now chairman of LGI), formed the American Meat Protein Corporation in 1981, the precursor to the Lauridsen Group of companies.

Located between the towns of Denison and Arion in Northwest Iowa, Boyer Valley Company has been in the business of poultry byproducts for 40 years.