Located between the towns of Denison and Arion in Northwest Iowa, Boyer Valley Company has been in the business of poultry byproducts for 40 years.

Our Company - Boyer Valley

Established in 1975, Boyer Valley Company, also known as BVC, processes the byproducts of multiple the poultry facilities. The byproducts are then procesed and finished into high protein commodities such as feather meal, poultry by product meal, blood meal and poultry fat. The finished products are sold into pet food and animal feed markets to increase the nutrition and protein content. Our most recent undertaking is a joint venture with Dakota Provisions in Huron SD. This is our newest most up to scale facilities within our 4 plants.

The foundation of Lauridsen Group Incorporated, also known as LGI, began in 1916 as the Lauridsen Creamery, selling butter, eggs and poultry to the local community. Although LGI is headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa it is not far from the old Creamery in Dedham, Iowa. The Lauridsen Group is a privately held company with more than fifty manufacturing and sales locations in 20 different countries and sales in more than 60 countries. Subsequently, LGI owns 6 sister companies among them being Boyer Valley. LGI has a strong family owned and operated venture that focuses on the quality of their products. It all began with the entrepreneurial spirit of Hans Lauridsen when he immigrated to the United States from Denmark to begin a successful creamery business.

Later joined and then led by his son Wally, the company expanded into the meat industry and later meat-related proteins. Wally and his son, Nixon, now chairman of LGI, formed the American Meat Protein Corporation in 1981, the precursor to the Lauridsen Group.