Our poultry byproducts play an important role in feed production for animals and are of the highest quality.

Blood Meal 85%

Our Blood Meal is a dry, inert powder made from poultry blood and can be used as a high-nitrogen fertilizer and a high-quality protein animal feed. It is one of the highest non-synthetic sources of nitrogen available. It is a great food supplement for cattle, fish and poultry, and due to its high-lysine content, it is widely used. Many countries mix it with molasses before using as an animal feed. 

Permitted in certified organic production as a soil amendment, blood meal can be spread on gardens to deter animals such as rabbits, or can be used as a composting activator.

Typical Analysis

  • Protein 85% Minimum
  • Moisture 12% Max
  • Fat 6% Max
  • Digestibility 98%
  • Metabolizable Energy 1,465 K/Cal/lb=3,223Kcal/kg
Available for download:
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85% Ring Dried Blood Meal Information Bulletin (PIB)